This New Year, Don’t Make a Resolution, Make a Plan!

2017 is here and with that there is a surge of energy in many places, new gym memberships, traffic to personal growth sites, people putting off what they want or should be doing. Last night I sat with a few friends, my eldest son staying up for his first midnight ball drop, and the subject of New Year’s resolutions arose. The consensus was goals are good, the habit of waiting to achieve your goals till the new year and ultimately letting them die is bad.

Help you to be a better person today then you are yesterday.
Get oriented. They are for all holidays, all seasons, a continual path.
What help you obtain this growth.
Need to be well defined so you can track your progress and you know exactly what you must achieve.
Need to realistic, start low and ramp them up if you are doing very well.
Are not written in stone. Life changes, adjust, but make new goals don’t just abandon them.

I always have several irons in the fire at any given moment as my family is working hard now for our overarching goal of early financial freedom. We are doing this primarily through base income growth, building passive income through real estate, and giving ourselves flexibility and more options.

So here are my Preliminary 2017 Goals. What are yours? What do you think of resolutions?

2017 action plan

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