My Top 5 Favorite Travel Videos!

Do you long to be out exploring the world? Or are you already out there making memories? Maybe you just like enjoying from afar within the comfort of your home. Our family has been on an extended stay in America while we build up the infrastructure to travel full-time with a family. As a person with the travel bug, who has not been able to travel for a long time, I find myself living vicariously through others quite frequently. So here it is, my top five travel videos that evoke some emotion or excitement out of me. I will not lie, I have shed a tear to a few of them.

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I also have to give a nod to Where the Hell is Matt? 2005.  Which while outdated with today’s standards of videos, was simply amazing and groundbreaking when it debuted.  However, Where the Hell is Matt ? 2012 has better overall quality and message.

Stunning footage viscerally reminds me of what it is like to travel more than any other video I have seen.

A pioneer in the time-lapse film on Youtube, he uniquely captures what he went through in this video.

Silly personalities, breathtaking sites, and an amazing song make for an easy home run.

A relatively unknown video but it stands with the rest. Beautiful. Diverse. Shows how everything is different but the same at the same time.

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Did I miss your favorite travel video? Drop a link down below!

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