Depressed, Anxiety? Six solutions to kick it to the curb!

This Worked For Me! Depressed? Anxiety? Six Solutions to Kick it to The Curb. Depression anxiety emdr hypnotherapy hallucinogens, medications

If you or a loved one is in the depths of depression, I’m sorry, it is a horrible place to be.  The good thing is there is hope.  One thing I have noticed is people keep going back for the same tricks that are not working for them or don’t get help at all.  They feel trapped by the fact that they have always been this way, and they can’t imagine a life where it could be any different.  There are solutions.  Do you think the only cures for mental illnesses are medication and classic therapy?  A whole world of options exists out there, and I’m sure I have not even heard all of them.


Loved Ones: First things first, your person needs you, you will need to support them.  This is a real illness.  You will need to help them navigate the medical and insurance system.  You will need to be supportive of getting them to try new things and get to appointments.   If they are unable to manage their life you might need to financially support them, however, I believe you should only do this if they are actively seeking help as not to enable them just to dwell in depression.


So what can I do?

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