Jessica Deratany

Realtor in Tucson, AZ working for Tierra Antigua Realty.

Personal coach, focusing on goal setting, real estate, and wellness.

Real Estate Investor in Reserve, New Mexico and Tucson, Arizona.


Phone: (520) 402-9496


Fun Facts:

I am a mom of three boys all named after Presidents and married to the love of my life.  My family is my most important thing always!

The whole family on a recent hike.

I have full blown travel fever, I have traveled by myself, with my husband, and with the children.  I always stay on a budget though, I have done work aways, volunteered, I find it always enriches the experience.

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On top of the leaning tower of Pisa

I am very much a jack of all trades,  just a few of the occupations I have held in my life are: Protein Chemist, Farmer, EMT, Medical Biller, and of course I am now a Realtor.

This photo was taken by one of our helpers we hosted. One of the baby goats born in our little backyard farm.

My husband and I do most of our own construction work ourselves, we love a good project and have done two complete gut job renovations ourselves and many other smaller projects.  We generally leave some of the heavy lifting to professionals though, and of course help from family and friends!

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Jessica Deratany is Real Estate Agent Tucson, AZ Realtor for Tierra Antigua RealtyJessica Deratany


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