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My Top 5 Favorite Travel Videos!

Posted on March 26, 2017
Do you long to be out exploring the world? Or are you already out there making memories? Maybe you just like enjoying from afar within the comfort of your home. Our family has been on an extended stay in America while we build up the infrastructure to travel full-time with a family. As a person with the travel bug, who has not been able to travel for a long time, I find myself living vicariously through others quite frequently. So here it is, my top five travel videos that evoke some emotion or excitement out of me. I will notRead More
My husband and I have traveled extensively, both independently before we met, and then together. Our first Christmas together was in Paris, our first valentines day we had dinner on a beach in Cambodia with children running by with sparklers. We have the travel bug. If you know what this bug feels like, you will understand that staying in one place for a long time can be painful. You can feel like you have to ignore a part of yourself, because no one else tends to understand it. It feels like being a bird in a cage. Luckily, I haveRead More
Smart Homes: Cutting Edge or Passing Fad Amazon Echo Alexa Google Home Smart Devices
I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.   First, what is a smart home? It is technology that has been integrated into your home, some of it has to be hardwired into your home while others are devices that communicate via Wi-fi. You now have the potential to control an enumerable amount of devices through movement or sounds, I have even seen some that use vibrations. Set up your own security system? Check. Have yourRead More
34 breathtaking images from madagascar travel fun and adventure
Once upon a time in Mexico, I walked along ancient ruins, and I met an older man from England. He told me he had visited almost every country in the world. I asked him, as so many people ask me now, what was the favorite country that he had visited?! He did not hesitate.  No, “Oh I love them all for so many different reasons.” He told me simply, “Madagascar. It is so different, and it is so wonderful.” So when I saw a flyer on a bulletin board in my Biology building a few years later for an internRead More
What you need to know before you buy a home, financial freedom, money, real estate, Tucson, AZ
Here is the honest truth about renting versus buying.  The popular line is you are just throwing your money away renting when you could be paying yourself! Right? I know all the investing books I read seemed to tout that line.  It, however, is so much more complicated than that.  So here it is the nitty gritty, no slanted views, pros and cons to owning versus renting. Renting: Pros: –You have more freedom.  Leases can somewhat limit this, but you are not tied down.  You don’t have to be in a good seller’s market to leave quickly.  If you getRead More
Owning a Vacation Rental, ready to have that winter home and an investment too jessica coaches real estate blogger life coach
Have you thought about buying a property near the beach? The mountains? You could vacation there whenever you want, a little home away from home, but it seems out of your reach? Or maybe you just hate finding, and paying inflated rates during yearly events, like our International Gem Show here in Tucson, AZ because everything is full, but wouldn’t imagine buying a house here because it would just sit empty for the rest of the year. What if I told you: You can have that vacation home, and not only break even, but make a profit! I have ownedRead More

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