Using your brain instead of your pain: how to let logic triumph in a crazy world.

Using Your Brain Instead of Your Pain!

Posted on February 19, 2017
We are living in unique times, and emotions are running very hot lately.  Every headline is meant to be sensational, where all ideas on a topic no matter how obscure can be found in seconds, a world where anyone's voice can be heard equally, and a place where everyone you know has access to all of this.  This is not a bad thing!  It does, however, take more work on the receiver's part to discern truth from falsehood, things that are useful and those that will mislead all while keeping your cool.   You need to train yourself not to
Italian Dual Citizenship, duel, passport, italy, move, abroad, europe, eu, citizen, residence, descent, jure sanguinis, sangunis, expat, immigration
Whenever I end up in a conversation about citizenship and the fact that I have Dual citizenship in the USA and Italy I generally get two responses.  One group of people give me that wrinkly brow skeptical look and ask why?  The other group look excited and ask how?  Here is the answer to both those questions. WHY??? Why not? I live my life wanting as many options as I can have.  There are no negatives to having a dual citizenship, except for maybe high-level security clearances in the government.  And in worst case scenarios of draft or political turmoil,
2017 is here and with that there is a surge of energy in many places, new gym memberships, traffic to personal growth sites, people putting off what they want or should be doing. Last night I sat with a few friends, my eldest son staying up for his first midnight ball drop, and the subject of New Year's resolutions arose. The consensus was goals are good, the habit of waiting to achieve your goals till the new year and ultimately letting them die is bad. Goals: Help you to be a better person today then you are yesterday. Get oriented.
How to fight like a Pro! Conflict Resolution and Forgiveness.
You encounter conflict in many ways, ranging from the business place to at home, from your boss to your children.  Learning how to deal with that conflict is an important part of life.  We can either be the person in the yelling fight who loses respect from everyone involved, or we can be the person who can take an interaction and grow from it with both people leaving the interaction feeling heard.  It is your choice.  When people yell and argue no one wins.   1.  Listen.  Instead of yelling back or instantly coming up with a rebuttal or deflections,
how to lose weight when you suck at it, also useful for other things you are bad at like finances. How to get the results you want! weight loss lose maintenance
People struggle with different things in life, for me, the thing just so happens to be weight loss and maintenance. This article could also be called how to do anything when you suck at it. Because it is all pretty much the same. Everyone has things we suck at, the things that no matter how bad we want it, take a back seat to other priorities.  The challenges, that when we fail, we decide to flail around in the mud instead of getting back up.  These tend to be the things on the opposite end of our personalities.  The things that
6 Rules for a Successful Relationship, advice, dating, love, marriage
A healthy relationship is paramount to your happiness and wellbeing.  A good relationship builds you up and helps you achieve your goals. It is there for you when things get tough.  A bad relationship can destroy your self-worth and damage you severely.  No relationship is perfect, but once you both get these rules down pat, it really can be pretty easy to have an incredible connection where the sky is the limit. Make your partner a priority. Many people have a real hard time with this one.   People often put work or their children in front of their spouse, or

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