Now while some of us are not very aware of our inner caveman, advertisers and con men hone in on that instinct-driven part of your brain every day.  They know what conditions allow for you to make impulse decisions.  The first thing you need to understand is they want you being irresponsible. They want you to be in a state that will allow for you to make a decision right now, because they will likely lose you otherwise.   I believe that the majority of people are good.   However, separation from the consequences of your actions through the internet, people
Whose life are you living? is it time for a priority inventory?
Do you like your life or are you just passing the time? Are you doing what you want to be doing right now or do you find yourself jealous at other people's highlight reels on Facebook? Are you working towards doing what you want or are you waiting for life to happen to you? Many people feel like their life has gotten off track, or maybe that they have been going the wrong place the entire time. If this strikes a chord, it might be time to suss out why you are living the life you currently are if it
How to Achieve your goals by battling your inner caveman
Inside all of our minds is a caveman. This caveman does things to survive. He wants to get the highest caloric food to store for famine. He wants to rest and conserve energy for that mammoth he is going to have to spear tomorrow. He wants to procreate with whatever mate he can find because who knows if there will be a tomorrow.   This caveman does not know we are living in times of plenty.   This is why it is hard to reach your goals. You have to deny that inner caveman and the physical urges he can
This Worked For Me! Depressed? Anxiety? Six Solutions to Kick it to The Curb. Depression anxiety emdr hypnotherapy hallucinogens, medications
If you or a loved one is in the depths of depression, I’m sorry, it is a horrible place to be.  The good thing is there is hope.  One thing I have noticed is people keep going back for the same tricks that are not working for them or don’t get help at all.  They feel trapped by the fact that they have always been this way, and they can’t imagine a life where it could be any different.  There are solutions.  Do you think the only cures for mental illnesses are medication and classic therapy?  A whole world of

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