How to Fight Like a Pro! Conflict Resolution and Forgiveness

How to fight like a Pro! Conflict Resolution and Forgiveness.

You encounter conflict in many ways, ranging from the business place to at home, from your boss to your children.  Learning how to deal with that conflict is an important part of life.  We can either be the person in the yelling fight who loses respect from everyone involved, or we can be the person who can take an interaction and grow from it with both people leaving the interaction feeling heard.  It is your choice.  When people yell and argue no one wins.


1.  Listen.  Instead of yelling back or instantly coming up with a rebuttal or deflections, listen to what the other person is saying.  This does not mean bide your time thinking up retaliations or how they are wrong.  Just actively listen to them and let them know they are heard.


2.  Understand.  Take some time if you need.  Step away from the conversation to logically process if you feel like you are in a place of anger.  Next take note of outside influencers, is this person tired, hungry, or stressed?  We are not at our best when under those influences and those triggers can make us say things we would normally would not.  Next sort through the things that they said,  try to put yourself in their shoes and understand where they are coming from and what validity their stance may have.  What things are just a disagreement of opinion? Or are they genuinely wrong or misinformed?  Do research to help find the truth if needed.  Very rarely do you have a conflict where it is all one person’s fault or one person is %100 correct.