How to get an amazing deal on a car!

How to get an amazing deal on a car truck or vehicle schoolie school bus public auction budget frugal conversion foreclosure cheap find


How to get an amazing deal on a car truck or vehicle schoolie school bus public auction budget frugal conversion foreclosure cheap find

Financing a car is one of the biggest, most common, money mistakes people tend to make.  Not only does it come with a hefty monthly payment on a depreciable asset, where you will pay a ton in interest making that car cost way more then what you ‘paid.’  High priced, new, and/or financed cars need way more insurance on top of that.


Want to avoid wasting your money, like a boss, and get a great used car in cash for a deal?


I love value, and I love sharing the wealth even more.  Here is my list of how to get a smoking deal on an automobile, some I found on my own while others were followed up with the caveat of don’t tell anyone I don’t want the competition.  Ooops.  Why do they not want the competition? They are making money off of buying and selling cars, trucks, and other things this way.



General Information for researching a car’s worth before you bid or make an offer, these websites have used car sales as well, but if you’re looking for a deal look elsewhere:


Kelley Blue Book
NADA Guides –




Government Surplus.  The government sells a lot of stuff, usually in an auction format, they do so in different places depending on the state and the department selling the item.   There are many people whose sole business it is to swoop up deals and resell things on these sites.  Including many vehicles. Some are government vehicles which have aged out due to various reasons as a standard age or mileage retirement.  Government Vehicles have meticulous upkeep records and have been well maintained; they also tend to be upfront with conditions and known problems.  They also sell confiscations and insurance write-offs.  This is also the best place I have found to look for school buses, public buses, for conversions such as schoolies for you minimalists out there.


MuniciBid –





Lender Repossessions.  Many times a lender ends up with a vehicle that they do not want, just like home foreclosures and REOs, these exist for automobiles too.  I have found quite a few shady websites in regards to this option, so exercise caution.  I advise you to go directly to a local bank or credit union website or call them to find these deals in your area.



Local Live Auctions.  Sometimes people or companies do not want to deal with the headache of selling their used automobiles and turn to local automobile auction houses.  These can be a great place to get a steal on a  vehicle.  The ones that I have been to have a preview day where you can poke around all the cars and then a bidding day.  A quick google search in your area should help you locate some of these auction houses.   




Haggle or Scoop up a deal from an individual.  Do your research and watch for a deal to come up from the owner directly.  The pros to these are you can drive the car around and get it checked up by a mechanics shop before you make the leap if you want.  The con is not every individual is honest, try to play it by the facts.


Facebook Groups – Look for local swip swap, local swap meets, local marketplace.


How have your experiences been with using any of these methods? Do you have any I missed? Have you celebrated anyone’s smart choice lately?


The Lies You’ve Been Told About Grief: And a New Model to Replace It.

The Lies You've Been Told About Grief: And a New Model to Replace It.

The five stages of grief, or in some texts seven stages, seems to me, to be one of the biggest lies ever fed to us in modern psychology. This one size fits all idea that we follow this path which leads us to an end goal with us being in acceptance at the end. They even go so far as to apply this model to all forms of major trauma, death, dying, divorce, loss, and rejection.

So here are the traditional stages, the Kübler-Ross Model:
1. Denial
2. Anger
3. Bargaining
4. Depression
5. Acceptance

Here is a modification into the seven stages of grief:
1. Shock and Denial
2. Pain and Guilt
3. Anger and Bargaining
4. Depression, Reflection, and Loneliness
5. The Upward Turn
6. Reconstruction and Working Through
7. Acceptance and Hope

While Kübler-Ross came out later in life and said the stages could occur in any order and sometimes people do not go through all the stages, the stages had already taken hold as a standard. Even in its improved form, I find it to be an oversimplification of grief.

So here is my model of loss and grief, I’m calling it the Balance Beam Model:

On how well you stay on your balance beam:
Everyone is a gymnast, and we all have our balance beam, all of us have different skill levels of being able to stay on the beam, and in the speed of moving through wobbles or getting up from falls. Some of us are born, or work our way, to having lower and wider beams, where we can wobble more without falling or just not hurt ourselves as bad when we do fall. But the key is that we are functioning when we are on our balance beam.  This balance beam represents our baseline for the intensity of emotion we can handle before we “fall off” or “stumble” and we are barely functioning or are debilitated.

Things that knock you off balance:
I postulate that rather than having stages, people have their go-to methods of negative emotions, how they deal with adverse conditions. These rather than changing type just vary in intensity until they fall below your baseline, where they just are less noticeable, hidden away in your mind, allowing for logic and positive thinking to take hold. The longer the time that passes, the easier to not think about the event, but they never truly go away.  Old events can rear their heads in unexpected ways in the future and will do so without regards to stages.
How events interact and a visual model of how we deal with grief.

Click image to enlarge.


Please tell me what you think. Is your experience closer to the Kübler-Ross model? Or the Balance Beam model?